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Funky Giraffe Baby Toddler Bandana Bib Set 100% Cotton


Funky Giraffe Designer Bibs

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Product Description

Funky Bibs dry bibs for baby’s and toddlers

Soft cotton fronts, and fleece backing to keep little chests dry

4 sets of nickel free poppers for comfy fit

100% cotton fronts, and soft fleece backs, with unique designs

Available in lots of different designs

Additional Information


Blue Vrooom, White Flowers in the Summer, Blue Flowers in the Garden, Blue Funky Giraffe, Purple Funky Giraffe Hi, Hi, Hi, Purple Funky Giraffe Car, Blue Funky Giraffe Train, Bold Pink and White Spots, White and Pink Spots, White and Green Retro Camper, White and Orange Retro Camper, White and Green Racing Car, White and Blue Racing Car, White and Red Racing Car, White and Blue Small Stars, Grey and Pink Jolly Roger, Blue and White Jolly Roger, Purple and White Jolly Roger, Grey and Green Funky Dinosaur, Red London Print, Green Funky Camo, Blue and Red Rocket, White and Light Blue Spots, Purple and White Spots, Black and Blue Rock, Navy mini Aeroplanes, Grey Messy Monsters, Orange Messy monsters, Blue and Grey Little Stars, Black and White Cats, Grey and Pink Owl, Cream Cats and Stars, Blue London Print, George in a Rocket Navy, Blue Dippy Dogs, Green Welsh Dragon, Navy Scotland Lion, Bright Green Pecking Birds, Bright Orange Pecking Birds, Green Little Lamb, White and Red Stars


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